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Ten fascinating interior design ideas for small homes

small homes

There is a famous saying that the interiors and the environment of our home decide our mental stability and also keeps our mind at peace. The interior décor of the house also talks loud about the inhabitants in the place.

Everyone loves to decorate their homes and adjust them to their personality. However, things are a lot more elaborate in big houses when compared to smaller ones. Since the area for decoration is timid, it can restrict imagination. However, it needs to be that way as we have jotted down the ten fascinating ideas for interior designing of small homes. Could you take a look at them?

Wall of memory

One of the best ideas to decorate your living room space and the wall is to create a wall of memory – with pictures of the family members. It is not only a smart utilization of space but also a great way to incorporate the closeness of the family.

Wall of memory

Niches on wall

Pick a niche and decorate your wall according to that- it could involve artefacts, gifts, or even memorable, picked up from your recent trip. It can also be combined with open shelves that in case there is space constraint.

Revamping windows

Fluidity plays a vital role in small spaces. Hence, replacing small windows with large French ones will add this touch of eliteness in the living area.

Revamping windows

Beauty with a purpose

Choose a beautiful closet near the door or the windows, or even below the mirrors, to add a tremendous beautifying element to the place. You ought to think out of the box for its placement, which will provide a great look to space.


Make use of designer tiles to create an illusion of eliteness and also to distract the mind from the small space. Monochrome colours also work the best to create an illusion of a bigger room or a living area. In bathrooms, this can be done by using shower doors and also glass, instead of using the curtains or leaving them they are. This will provide a hint of lavish décor and also make the space feel roomy.


Space integration

A small home does not mean things should be kept haphazardly out of place. It should involve only the ones that are necessary and add meaning to the site. It is also better to have one large and spacious room, instead of 4 small rooms.

Utilizing space

It is essential to utilize the space that is left with you. Use the area in or around the window and also use the effect of DIYs to convert a conjured read into an ample space by adding shelves and other elements.

Utilizing space


Simplicity is the best policy. The more the items are, it also creates an illusion of a diminished space.

Magic of colours

Monochromatic colours provide an illusion of a more significant area of space. Subtle shades like baby pink, cream, white and off-white can induce a massive difference.

Magic of colours

Vertical greens

Subtle colours in the background with a splash of greens are all we need to re-decorate and revamp the living space.

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